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In partnership with Impactly, we recently conducted a national survey across our network of HR, compliance, and risk management professionals to measure the extent to which U.S. employers are adopting EEOC best practices to eliminate harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

The survey was conducted in May of 2019, and was completed by over 1,200 participating employers across the country. To our knowledge, this is the largest such national survey ever conducted.

A team of prevention, HR, employment law, and compliance experts came together to analyze the data and coauthor the Study.

Key Insights

  • Only 18% of employers incorporate bystander intervention training as a method to empower employees to intervene when witnessing potentially harassing or discriminatory behavior;
  • Only 13% of employers implement climate surveys to measure the extent to which harassment is a problem within their organization; and
  • Only 3% of employers report having adopted anonymous, third-party reporting tools to encourage the reporting of potentially harassing or discriminatory behavior, witnessed or experienced. According to the EEOC, ~75% of harassment related incidents go unreported.