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The Performance Management Issue


The Low Performer Paradox

It’s never easy to determine when it’s right to give an underwhelming worker one more shot, or to spend valuable time and money on finding someone else for the job. Either path could lead to a dead end, of course. How much time and effort should be devoted to lifting low performers versus spurring proven contributors to even greater heights?
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Thursday, August 10, and Tuesday, August 15 at 8:30 am Pacific

Open Enrollment: Start Early, Communicate Often

Your 2017 open enrollment process is likely to have a new complicating layer—uncertainty. Employees and employers have questions about how the proposed changes to healthcare and tax reform that they’re hearing in the news every day will affect them. Join Laura Kerekes, ThinkHR's Chief Knowledge Officer, as she separates fact from fiction and shares best practices for open enrollment. 



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Get Ready for Fireworks: 2017 ThinkHR Product Update

Ready to see fireworks? ThinkHR has a few sparklers up our sleeve for 2017. Join us for an overview of the enhancements we have made to our products this year, as well as a preview of what's coming for the second half of the year.

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“I Need the Summer Off”

Summertime is perfect for taking time off. This means that when employees take advantage of their paid sick time, state and federal FMLA, baby bonding, or other benefits, your department must be ready. Are you up to date regarding which types of leave apply in each situation? In this on-demand webinar we share some of the most common situations employers face and equip you with the tools you need this summer and throughout the year.

The Consequences of Lax Sick Policy Enforcement


Requiring employees to come to work while sick can have serious consequences for your business. Just ask Chipotle. The company has confirmed that a recent outbreak of norovirus is the result of lax sick policy enforcement by managers. How could similar actions leave your company vulnerable?

Get Trained - HR Compliance


Ensuring managers are well versed in wage and hour rules, rightful employment termination, and employment laws could save your company headaches and money. Log into Workplace, select Learn, and then review the Compliance & Legal catalog to get managers up to speed. 

Employment Law Alerts
The following jurisdictions have recently had changes to their employment laws and regulations:

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“Not my employee, not my problem.” Oh, yeah?

If a temporary employee files a claim against your company, it’s not your problem, right? Issues of “who’s responsible?” are common. Here are six pieces of concrete advice for employers who use temporary employees to help sort it out.

Product Spotlight

In the Spotlight: Sample Sick Leave Policy

Having a documented sick leave policy that is easy for managers and employees to follow could be crucial to the health of your business. Log into Comply and find sample sick leave and other time off policies in the Forms and Policies section. 

Ask the Experts

Question: Is minimum wage calculated on hours worked or hours worked plus performance-based earnings, thus subject to change each pay period? For instance, a nonexempt employee is paid $320 for 40 hours worked with $60 added for performance goals, totaling $380. Which amount is used to determine the employee’s minimum wage; $320 or $380? The minimum wage in our state is $8.50.

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