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The April Hot Topics Issue

Goldilocks Rule

“Goldilocks” Work Environment Not Required Under the ADA

Employers are required to provide reasonable accommodation to employees under the Americans with Disabilities Act — but are they beholden to offer their employees a stress- and criticism-free workplace worthy of appeasing Goldilocks? Not necessarily, but employers should still take care to provide an unduly stressful atmosphere.

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Tuesday, May 9 and

Thursday, May 11 at 8:30 am Pacific

What to Do When Employee Behavior Crosses the Line

Join the ThinkHR team for the latest best practices and tools to prevent harassment and discrimination claims. We’ll review the key components of respectful workplace cultures for prevention and provide practical ideas for conducting investigations into claims of improper conduct to help you resolve issues when they arise.

This webinar offers 1 HRCI and SHRM-approved credit.



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How the Trump Administration May Reshape Employment Laws

Are you concerned about the risks you may not even know you have with the employment rules as a joint employer, franchisee or franchisor? Join us as we address the key topics and situations you will face in 2017, including employment rules, wage and hour issues, and employee leave and accommodation issues.

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Recruiting and Hiring: Get the Recipe for the Secret Sauce

What is uppermost on almost every HR practitioner’s mind in 2017? Recruiting and hiring and getting the recipe right to be successful. It’s a competitive world for hiring managers and no one wants to get chopped or leave out a key ingredient.

6 Steps Your HR Team Can Take to Leave the Dark Ages

HR Dark Ages

If “but we’ve always done it this way” has become a mantra in your HR department, it’s time to breathe some new life into your practices. From simplifying payroll to automating HR processes, these six steps will start you on your way.

Get Trained - Maintaining a Cohesive Multigenerational Workforce

L:awful Hiring

Managing a multigenerational team takes some finesse and understanding of the diversity of your employees. Log in to your Workplace, select Learn, and find this informative, 25-minute course under “Diversity” in the Harassment library.

Employment Law Alerts
The following jurisdictions have recently had changes to their employment laws and regulations:

Intel Fellowship

At Intel, a Retirement Perk that Can Kick Off a New Career as a Paid Fellow

More people are continuing to work after reaching retirement age — even embarking on new careers — and some companies are finding ways to support these employees and their communities. Read about an inspiring way Intel is working with its transitioning employees.

Product Spotlight

In the Spotlight: Have you seen our blog recently?

We love to share news about regulations and current events that affect employers and HR practitioners on our blog, where you’ll find employment law alerts, top questions and answers, and news stories. 

Ask the Experts

Question: We received an order of protection for one of our employees who was the subject of abuse. Do we just abide by the order or are there other actions we should take? This is the first time we’ve received a legal notice of this type.

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