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FLSA Overtime

FLSA Overtime Rule: With All These Efforts to Block It, Can Employers Relax?

With the recent lawsuits seeking to block the final rule on overtime exemptions as well as pending legislation to nullify the rule, employers are left wondering just how much they should prepare for a December 1 effective date. This article presents the issues and offers tips for what employers should do now, no matter what happens.

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Using Learning and Development to Build Engagement

As employees take charge of their own learning and career development, companies are under increasing pressure to provide the right support and tools to keep employees engaged and learning “on demand.” Join Kashif Mahbub from ThinkHR’s Learning & Development team as he shares best practice thinking on how businesses can redefine learning as an essential tool to attract and retain top talent.



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Is Your Business Ready for the New Overtime Rule?

Employers must be in compliance with the higher Department of Labor salary threshold standard for overtime exemption by December 1. Are you prepared? ThinkHR’s compensation expert Renee Farrell provides additional insights into employer compliance with this rule as a followup to the webinar she conducted back in May. 

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Onboarding Tips to Start the Employment Relationship Right

We believe in designing human resources programs that put the employee experience front-and-center to attract, engage, and retain the right people to move your business forward. Join the ThinkHR team for a webinar designed to spark your creative juices to design a more productive and meaningful employee onboarding experience with elements that are simple, fun, and tie in your company culture.

Hurricane Matthew and Crisis Management: An Employer’s Checklist

Inclement Weather

The weekend woes brought on by Hurricane Matthew should serve as a reminder to employers to have a plan in place for bad weather, natural disasters, and other crises. Here’s a checklist for all employers.

Get Trained: FLSA—What Supervisors Need to Know

Engaging Employees

Understand the requirements of the FLSA and the overtime exemptions in preparation for the changes coming on December 1. Log in to your Workplace, select Learn, and find this course in the Compliance section under Employment Law.

Employment Law Alerts
The following jurisdictions have recently had changes to their employment laws and regulations:

Recruiting and Hiring

The Future of Work is ‘Remote.’ How You Can Build a Killer Remote Team.

Virtual offices aren’t just a way for employers to cut overhead costs or a means for startup companies to draw talent from different locations, they’re a real (and really flexible) tool for building a top team. Here’s how to do it right.

Product Spotlight

In the Spotlight: New FLSA Overtime Regulations

Need breaking information on the new overtime regulations? Log in to your Workplace, select Comply, and look for “New FLSA Overtime Regulations” in the Popular Tools section, right on Comply’s main page.

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Question: Are we required to allow employees (either exempt or nonexempt) to work from home if we must close the office due to bad weather?

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