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December 2018
Ask the Experts

Question: If an employee is not in fact married, can they claim “married” on the federal Form W-4?

Answer: They should not. However, it is the employee’s responsibility to accurately fill out the Form-W-4, and it is not up to an employer to determine if the withholding is appropriate, or if an employee’s claim of marital status is valid.

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HR Hot Topics
Broken Ornament
Celebrate the Season Safely

Just 65 percent of companies are holding holiday festivities this year, the lowest rate since the 2009 recession. If your company is among those celebrating the holiday season this year, what can you do to avoid liability from sexual harassment, alcohol consumption, and other categories of risk?

Be Safe from Cyberthreats

Cybercriminals are becoming more focused on users of company networks as a weak link in the security infrastructure chain. Gone are the days when cybersecurity was the sole responsibility of the corporate IT department. Learn why cyber safety programs are a best human resources practice.

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Focus On: Emergency Preparedness

Wildfires, hurricanes, and blizzards have wreaked havoc on businesses across the country over the last few months. Your company is responsible for providing a safe and healthy workplace free from hazards caused by inclement weather and natural disasters; human-caused emergencies such as crime and violence; and outbreaks of disease. Learn how to prepare for and respond to emergencies with resources from ThinkHR.

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Webinar World
HR and Compliance Year in Review
December 11 at 8:30 a.m. Pacific
Throughout the year, ThinkHR’s human resources and legal knowledge teams track new legislation and regulatory changes while monitoring workplace trends and HR best practices. It’s been quite a year, with political gridlock at the federal level creating more employment laws and regulations at state and local levels, resulting in unprecedented compliance challenges for employers.

As we get ready to close out 2018, we’ll analyze and discuss some of the significant employment and compliance issues this year, what the midterm election results could mean for employers, and share what we believe will be key workplace issues in the new year.

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New Year, New Handbook
New Year, New Handbook

Employees are more than your #1 investment, they can also be your #1 risk. ThinkHR is passionate about people risk management and we believe the essential tool for managing people risks – hire to retire – is your employee handbook.

New in 2019, ThinkHR’s Living Handbook communicates the standards of behavior and compliance essential to every employee, in every state in which you operate. It alerts you when state and federal policies change, tracks version history and electronic signatures, and conveniently translates to Spanish.

Watch our recent webinar to learn more about our Living Handbook and how it can help your business proactively mitigate people risks.

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