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The Leaves of Absence Issue


Handling the Tricky Questions in FMLA Intermittent Leave

Intermittent FMLA leave is a thorn in the side of HR people everywhere. But not all intermittent leave requests are equal. Here’s a look at some of the most common scenarios and how to handle them. 

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“I Need the Summer Off”

Summertime is perfect for taking time off. This means that when employees take advantage of their paid sick time, state and federal FMLA, baby bonding, or other benefits, your department must be ready. Are you up to date regarding which types of leave apply in each situation? In this on-demand webinar we share some of the most common situations employers face and equip you with the tools you need this summer and throughout the year.

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How the Trump Administration May Reshape Employment Laws

Are you concerned about the risks you may not even know you have with the employment rules as a joint employer, franchisee or franchisor? Join us as we address the key topics and situations you will face in 2017, including employment rules, wage and hour issues, and employee leave and accommodation issues.

5 Ways Managers Can Perk up Employees this Summer  

Managing Accountability

Summer is here and employees may want the ability to leave early on Fridays, a more relaxed dress code, and events such as company picnics. What’s a savvy company to do?

Get Trained - FMLA Leave and More: An Overview of Legally Protected Leave

Leaves of Abscence

Get an overview of the family- and health-related situations that trigger an employee's eligibility to take leave under the FMLA. Find this course by logging in to your Workplace, selecting Learn, and choosing the Compliance and Legal library.

Employment Law Alerts
The following jurisdictions have recently had changes to their employment laws and regulations:

Summer Leaves

How Employees Use Vacation Time

Although vacation time ranks high on employee satisfaction surveys, many employees do not take their full allotment. Unused vacation can cause problems, including stress and even lower productivity.

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In the Spotlight: Sick Leave by State and/or Locality

Sick leave rules can be complex for even the most tenured HR practitioner. We can help. Our sick leave chart details whether leave is paid or unpaid, accrual, use and notice. Log in to Comply and find it under Leave > Paid Sick Leave Chart.

Ask the Experts

Question: What options does an employer have when an employee who had a work-related accident keeping him off work for four months and exhausting the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave refuses to participate in a return-to-work program assignment that provides light duty work as required by the employee's physician?

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