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What 28 Entrepreneurs & Marketers Are Doing Differently in 2018

Same-Faith Discrimination? It Happens (and Yes, It’s Still Illegal).

When we think of discrimination, we usually think of two (or more) people on opposite sides of some proverbial fence, which makes it a little surprising when those aren’t the facts. This case may help broaden your view of what constitutes discriminatory behavior in the workplace.
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Forced Workplace Closures: Preparing for Emergencies

2017 was a tough year for employers. Fires, storms, and flooding caused unexpected workplace closures across the country. Join ThinkHR’s chief knowledge officer, Laura Kerekes, as she tackles the tricky issues raised by unexpected office closures. 

Join us for this webinar to ensure you are prepared for winter weather mishaps.

Connecting Safety to Your Work 

Some folks think safety is about OSHA and inspections, but it is about more. It’s about how to take care of your employees so they are safe and productive. Understanding how an accident—or worse a fatality—can affect your business is a critical part of your job. Watch our webinar to learn from a 28-year veteran of the safety industry and the widow of a construction worker who died on the job.

Flu Season Continues, Costing Employers $9 Billion


While no one wants to hear you coughing up a lung this season, there’s an even bigger reason you should forego going to work when sick: it costs your employer. Turns out, a bundle. Stay home, recover, and don’t spread your germs.

Learn Focus: NEW! Workplace Harassment Prevention for Managers

Behavior Interview Questions

Managers have a duty to keep harassment out of the workplace. This new, two-hour course addresses training requirements in California, Connecticut, and Maine, but is beneficial for employers everywhere. Make sure you are logged into the platform before accessing this link.

Employment Law Alerts
The following jurisdictions have recently had changes to their employment laws and regulations:

Wage Raise

The Supreme Court Takes on HR in 2018

The Supreme Court has several cases on its docket that employers will want to watch, including one covering employee arbitration agreements and another on free speech versus religious rights, among others. Here’s the takeaway for employers on these important cases.

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In the Spotlight: Law Alerts

Did you know that we review thousands of bills so we can report on the items that employers most need to know? We do! You can find our Law Alerts, sorted by year, month, and jurisdiction, on Comply. Make sure you are logged into the platform before accessing this link.

Ask The Experts

Ask the Experts

Question: We are a staffing firm with employees in multiple locations. Do we need to submit an EEO-1 report for each location?

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