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OSHA’s Controversial “Union Walkaround Rule” Rescinded

Hailed as a positive change for employers, last month OSHA voluntarily withdrew a 2013 interpretation letter that changed more than 35 years of policy by allowing non-collectively bargained workers to designate a person affiliated with a union or a community organization to act as their personal representative during an OSHA inspection or to act on their behalf as a walkaround representative. Discover what this means for employers. 

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“I Need the Summer Off”

Summertime is perfect for taking time off. This means that when employees take advantage of their paid sick time, state and federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave, baby bonding, or other applicable benefits, your department must be ready. Join us as we share some of the most common situations employers face, provide answers to your special leave questions, and equip you with the time off tools you need this summer and throughout the year.

This webinar offers 1 HRCI and SHRM-approved credit.



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How the Trump Administration May Reshape Employment Laws

Are you concerned about the risks you may not even know you have with the employment rules as a joint employer, franchisee or franchisor? Join us as we address the key topics and situations you will face in 2017, including employment rules, wage and hour issues, and employee leave and accommodation issues.

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Recruiting and Hiring: Get the Recipe for the Secret Sauce

What is uppermost on almost every HR practitioner’s mind in 2017? Recruiting and hiring and getting the recipe right to be successful. It’s a competitive world for hiring managers and no one wants to get chopped or leave out a key ingredient.

Holding People Accountable Is Backwards Thinking

Managing Accountability

Leaders are hired on the promise that they will hold people accountable. But it’s only part — perhaps the smaller part — of a three-part equation. Can accountability stand on its own to build a thriving culture where leaders unleash, and not just control talent?

Get Trained - IT Security for End Users


Recent ransomware attacks have everyone on edge. The best defense is employees armed with knowledge on how to use a company's computers, network, and mobile devices with security in mind. Log in to your Workplace, select Learn, and find this course in the Computer & IT library.

Employment Law Alerts
The following jurisdictions have recently had changes to their employment laws and regulations:

Millennial Retention

Employee Retention in the Age of Millennials

Millennials (18- to 34-year-olds) comprise the majority of the workforce today — and their definition of career success is much different than the generation that preceded them. Here are three pieces of advice for how to retain employees in the Age of Millennials. 

Product Spotlight

In the Spotlight: Cybersecurity Resources

Would you like to get some practical, easy to understand cybersecurity information into your employees’ hands? Log in to Comply navigate to the Cybersecurity section, under the Safety & Health tab, for guides, eBooks and best practices.

Ask the Experts

Question: We are a small company—40 employees. Are there policies we should have in place for cybersecurity? Can we make employee training on cybersecurity mandatory? 

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