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Handbook Contest

Last Chance: Update Your Employee Handbook and Win!

Employee handbooks are great for sharing a company’s values and culture, setting employee expectations, and showcasing company benefits. However, an outdated handbook leaves your organization vulnerable to claims against the legality of your policies and procedures. Use ThinkHR’s handbook builder to update your handbook by Friday, March 17 to be entered to win breakfast for your company and a $500 Southwest Airlines gift card. 

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Tuesday, March 28 and

Thursday, March 30 at 8:30 am Pacific

HR Compliance Impact with Washington’s First Moves

Are you keeping up with the Trump administration’s quick moves to change laws, enforcement actions and regulations to support business and our economy? Join us as we dive into President Trump’s first 100 days in office. We will address issues and questions about rescinded executive orders, regulatory enforcement agenda changes and legislative moves that could impact your business operations.

This webinar offers 1 HRCI and SHRM-approved credit.



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Recruiting and Hiring: Get the Recipe for the Secret Sauce

What is uppermost on almost every HR practitioner’s mind in 2017? Recruiting and hiring and getting the recipe right to be successful. It’s a competitive world for hiring managers and no one wants to get chopped or leave out a key ingredient.

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Build a Great Safety Program

Workplace safety is important and ongoing, yet it’s tough to get employees excited and to stay on top of safety plans, regardless of the industry you’re in. In this on-demand webinar, workplace trends expert Don Phin gives insight on the many ways to revamp or create a new safety plan. 

How to Deliver the Ultimate Candidate Experience in 2017

Recruiting & Hiring

You’re no longer just filling in gaps in your workforce — you’re building the best experiences for candidates, which ultimately brings in the best talent. This list will guide you with best practices from candidate discovery to post-interview. 

Get Trained - Interviewing: Doing It Right

Recruiting Training

Learn best-practice strategies to use in your hiring and interviewing process, as well as how to avoid discrimination during the recruitment phase. Log in to your Workplace, select Learn, and find this course in the Professional Development library.

Employment Law Alerts
The following jurisdictions have recently had changes to their employment laws and regulations:

Employee Brand

Which Comes First: Employment Brand or Candidate Experience?

In talent acquisition terms, both company branding and candidate experience are pretty important items you’ll be focusing on in your recruiting efforts. This article offers three simple ideas you can incorporate to improve both.  

Product Spotlight

In the Spotlight: Recruiting Toolkit

Find our most popular recruiting resources, including downloadable and customizable tools as well as essential reading, in our Recruiting Toolkit. Log in to Comply and find the toolkit and other hiring resources under the Staffing tab.

Ask the Experts

Question: Is recruiting via text messaging a thing?

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