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Workplace Harassment Claims

Two Court Decisions that Scale Back an Employee's Right to Take Additional Leave After FMLA is Exhausted

There may not be an issue that strikes more fear in the land of HR than how to deal with an employee who cannot return to work after FMLA leave expires. Some additional leave beyond 12 weeks is almost always required. But how much leave are employers obligated to provide?
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Forced Workplace Closures: Preparing for Emergencies

2017 has been a tough year for employers. Fires, storms, and flooding have caused unexpected workplace closures across the country. Join ThinkHR’s chief knowledge officer, Laura Kerekes, as she tackles the tricky issues raised by unexpected office closures. 

Join us for this HRCI- and SHRM-approved webinar to ensure you are prepared for winter weather mishaps.



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Conscious Hiring and Development

You can maximize your HR effectiveness and make a positive impact on your work community through Conscious Hiring® and Development. This on demand webinar covers how to impact your company's organizational effectiveness by ensuring the people you bring on board are ideal for the job and for your company.

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There’s Room for Everyone on the Nice Party List 

Chances are strong that you are good at the fun part of throwing a holiday party. You nail the music, food, decorations and venue, right? But do some of your party decisions land you on the naughty list? Robin Shea, partner at Constangy, Brooks, Smith and Prophete, LLP, and author of the popular blog Employment & Labor Insider, can help you get on the nice party list in this one-hour HR-certified webinar.

Turning on an Employee’s Motivational Switch


Some of us are motivated by the desire to make a difference in other people’s lives, while others are motivated by a desire to outperform the competition. The important thing for employers is teaching leaders to understand how to turn on the motivational switch. Here’s how.

Learn Focus: Leadership Essentials: Motivating Employees

Behavior Interview Questions

Train managers in practical techniques for encouraging motivation with this 60-minute course. Log in to Learn and search for “Leadership Essentials: Motivating Employees” to find this course.

Employment Law Alerts
The following jurisdictions have recently had changes to their employment laws and regulations:

Tricky Workplace Situations

Is a Company Liable for Negligence in Post-Holiday Party Death?

If your company hosts a holiday party, can you be held legally responsible when a tragedy takes place because an employee had too much fun?

Product Spotlight

In the Spotlight: Discrimination Resources

Comply has federal and state-by-state resources and guidance for things like conducting harassment investigations and training staff, all intended to keep your organization compliant. Log in to Comply and click the Discrimination menu.

Ask The Experts

Ask the Experts

Do you have language we can use in a company communication that will go out before our holiday party to encourage responsible drinking and appropriate conduct?

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