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What 28 Entrepreneurs & Marketers Are Doing Differently in 2018

What 28 Entrepreneurs & Marketers Are Doing Differently in 2018 (and You Should Too)

‘Tis the season for resolutions, both personal and work-related. This author offers some fresh takes on goals for the year that you can incorporate into your own resolutions for a successful 2018, like making more meaningful connections with people and creating more content.
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Forced Workplace Closures: Preparing for Emergencies

2017 was a tough year for employers. Fires, storms, and flooding caused unexpected workplace closures across the country. Join ThinkHR’s chief knowledge officer, Laura Kerekes, as she tackles the tricky issues raised by unexpected office closures. 

Join us for this webinar to ensure you are prepared for winter weather mishaps.

Connecting Safety to Your Work 

Some folks think safety is about OSHA and inspections, but it is about more. It’s about how to take care of your employees so they are safe and productive. Understanding how an accident—or worse a fatality—can affect your business is a critical part of your job. Watch our webinar to learn from a 28-year veteran of the safety industry and the widow of a construction worker who died on the job.

Why Hiring for Experience Often Isn’t the Right Choice


If you’re planning to grow in 2018, you may need to change your hiring strategy. This author argues that experience might not always equal the best candidate, and offers tips for seeking out the best hires.

Learn Focus: Implementing and Sustaining Change

Behavior Interview Questions

Start 2018 fresh with this course that helps you initiate successful change in your organization. Log in to your Workplace, select Learn, and find this course in the Leadership Development library.

Employment Law Alerts
The following jurisdictions have recently had changes to their employment laws and regulations:

Wage Raise

On New Year’s Day, Many Low-Wage Workers Will Celebrate with a Raise

Minimum wage workers in 18 states woke up to a raise on New Year’s Day, and in some states, workers in certain localities found an even bigger boost to their hourly rate. Great for workers—but is it always good for businesses?

Product Spotlight

In the Spotlight: HR Compliance Affects Employers of All Sizes

Wondering which federal statutes apply to your business? Download our white paper for a handy reference guide. Log in to your Workplace, navigate to Comply, and find it in the White Papers section.

Ask The Experts

Ask the Experts

Question: We are a California employer. If we notify a nonexempt employee of a disaster-related closure via voice mail, text, or email, and they show up saying they never got the message, do we still owe them the half-day pay?

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